Sara Kerr

Sara KerrBio

Sara is an artist born in upstate New York, now living and studying in Oregon, USA. She began her career in the arts in 2007 after graduating from high school, when she began a journey of artistic exploration that exposed her to a broad array of creative outlets. Most notably, while working at the Broad Street Studio in Utica, New York, Sara learned the art of embroidery digitizing and had the opportunity to design and embroider the rendition of Gram Parsons' Nudie suit used in the theatrical play, Grievous Angel, the Legend of Gram Parsons.

Her eclectic portfolio she's spent the last 10+ years building, includes traditional oil and acrylic paintings, as well as experimental works using gluten, and paint-filled water balloons. She considers herself truly a Jane-of-all-trades, but master of none because no one medium has sucked her in for the long-haul, and she continues to tinker with different tools and techniques that suit each individual project.

Sara began a new knowledge journey in the field of nutrition and dietetics in 2014 when she began studying nutrition at Oregon State University. Her studies sparked a fascination with human anatomy, physiology, nutrient metabolism, and biochemistry. Since this time, Sara's body of work has homed in on human anatomy and nutrition, and working out ways of creating visual aids for portraying metabolic pathways.

On the left, SciArt is a collection of Sara's science-related art; Dietetics shares nutrition and dietetics-specific information; and Projects is non-nutrition, non-science related projects, primarily earlier works.

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