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Pet & Animal Portraits


custom colored pencil drawingIn addition to graphic design, fashion design and photography, I also create fine art. My custom pet portraits are one of the many areas of fine art I offer for sale and commission. The examples on this site are only a small sampling of what I can do so, just because you don't see your exact project here, that doesn't mean I can't do it; Just ask!

I create a custom hand drawn and painted animal portraits. You can send me photographs of the animal(s) for a price quote and it's more than ok to send multiple images of the same animal. Sometimes the pose is better in one, the background is better in another and the coloring is better in another. I can use elements from all the photos to create a very unique image showing the personality and most memorable qualities of your pet.

This memorial portrait of "Missie" is a prime example. The lady ordering sent me two photos and we decided that the pose and background were better in one than the other. However, she liked the bows and comb from the other photo so, I included those to the first picture.


Custom Memorial Pet Portraits

Custom memorial pet portrait of a dog

Not only will I work with you to create a work of art you'll cherish for years, I also offer custom matting and framing which we enables us to get creative with the piece and tie everything together with a matching frame and classy matting.

Custom drawn pet portrait of a dog.

You can contact me for quotes on commissioned artwork by filling out the form on my contact page or if you have a specific idea of what you want, you can fill out my artwork quote form.