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Art has been a major part of my entire life, but I didn't start to really explore and hone my artistic talents until high school. Toward the latter half of my senior year I began to break out of my shell and pour some of myself onto the canvas, whereas before I had just been working on the mechanical aspects of art such as composition, recreation, color mixing, basic techniques, etc...

Colored pencil still life of crystal bowls, eggs, and a candle stick sitting on draped pink cloth.Over the course of three years (2005-2007) I accumulated many awards from the regional level of the Scholastics Art Competition and other local competitions including the Congressional Art Competition at Munson Williams Proctor Arts Institute in Utica, NY as well as the Herkimer Co. Community College Art Competition.

Unfortunately, I never made it to the national level of the Scholastics Art Competition, but I did receive two silver keys for two of my pieces in my senior year. In hind site, I feel that after the final scholastics competition, I was much less stressed about creating pieces for the competition and as a result, I relaxed and began creating for me. I built up a large body of work which I used to attain Advanced Placement Art credit.

Currently, I am available for commissioned art and design work and I also have giclee prints available for purchase. Not only will I work with you to create a work of art you'll cherish for years, I also offer custom matting and framing which enables us to create a truely unique piece.

You can contact me for quotes on commissioned artwork by filling out the form on my contact page or if you have a specific idea of what you want, you can fill out my artwork quote form.

Have a look at the examples on my site and contact me so we can get started on your custom work of art!